It pays every single month to partner with Glamstar Management

Earn passively just by referrals, Refer a model and we will pay you 20% of our management fee every single month.

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How it works when you partner with us

When you submit a referral, we will contact you when the model you referred signs up with us and begins the next steps

How do I get Paid?
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We will pay into your nominated bank account at a set time each month.

What's my Referral Commision?
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Provided you refer at least one model , friend or associate to us each month we pay 20% of our monthly management fee, so if you refer someone and they make $10000 in one month, our typical fee is 50%, so you’ll receive $1000 USD every month for doing no work after that for the content creator you’ve referred to us

Where do I find other Models / Content Creators to refer?
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You can find content creators on Tinder, Bumble or on any dating app that’s on Google, however the best way to get referrals is if you are a model simply post on Instagram and tell other models or content creators that you’ll help to get them started. If this is of interest to you, simply message us.

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