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About us

Glamstar Management is a leading OnlyFans model agency dedicated to empowering models and transforming the digital entertainment landscape. With our deep understanding of the industry, innovative strategies, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to redefine the way models connect with their audience and achieve success.

We are passionate about helping models unleash their full potential and create a lasting impact in their respective niches By offering a comprehensive range of services, from strategic brand development to targeted marketing campaigns, we aim to provide our models with the tools and resources they need to thrive in this dynamic industry

Our Services

Here’s what we offer to our creators. We focus on providing value before starting to charge fees

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Account Audit & Market Research

We will conduct a full and thorough audit on your current social profiles and your current OnlyFans account and look to improve certain areas that are holding you back and identify where you can make more money

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24/7 Chatting Profits Service

We will install our dedicated and experienced sales team inside the OnlyFans account 24/7 and even whilst you’re asleep at night you can now be potentially earning thousands in passive income. We manage your direct messaging to drive content to your OnlyFans account so you can generate greater sales revenue.

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Brand Growth and Management

We increase your organic social media performance and manage your social media account, Instagram, Tik Tok, OnlyFans, Twitter, Facebook etc. We will open new social media channels to expand your brand and increase your popularity, and continually monitor your current accounts to optimise performance.

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Content Creation

Whether you aspire to be the next big thing on social media or simply the girl next door having fun, we can cater to you and promote your strengths so you can have the success you deserve. We schedule your content on social media at the best times to maximise engagement.

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An Image of an Onlyfans model named Miriam

Just when I was about to give up with my OnlyFans account, I came across Glamstar Management, and after a brief chat with Eleanor from Glamstar, it was clear as daylight that she knew what she was talking about in terms of how I could be promoted and earn far greater amounts of cash on OnlyFans working in tandem with Glamstar. After I was signed up with Glamstar, everything happened very quickly in fact I can hardly believe that I currently earn four figures a month and I only work 2-3 hours a day.

This is an Image of an OnlyFans model named Lucy

I was a reasonably successful fitness model who was looking at an easier way to earn greater money for my online content. The last resort was to seek management and I came across Glamstar with whom I had a brief informal chat about what they could do for me and my goals. We talked a bit and I felt very comfortable with them. After I signed with Glamstar, they quickly realigned my account and spread it to different social networks. They did all the coordination for me and within no time I was attracting lots of new fans daily and earning significantly more than before!!

This is an Image of an OnlyFans model named Karla

I thought it was all relatively easy doing it all myself, but the reality was OnlyFans wasn’t easy for me and can be very time consuming and draining with little reward for the time you must put in. I was looking for a Management that could not only look after my account but also take it to a whole new level in terms of my earnings Thanks to Glamstar, I now enjoy a passive income which means that some months I can earn more than what some people earn in a year

This is an Image of an OnlyFans model named Saffron

I was making $5,000 after only a few months, but I just couldn’t keep it up especially with my day job and my earnings went down to $500 – $1,000 and I became more and more disinterested. By chance I came across Glamstar, who briefly went through everything with me and showed me what I could achieve here with some simple changes. I found it quite liberating to hand over the responsibility of dealing with the promotion of my content Suddenly 1-2 hours a day was enough, and I could easily quit my Graphic design day job If I want , as I’m earning more than enough from OnlyFans to do so

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have some questions. Here are some that will get you started

Are there any starting fees?
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We do not charge any upfront or set up fees and as our team is 80% female, we fully understand your needs and your concerns.

How does Glamstar Management work?
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Once you sign up with Glamstar Management, our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy for your OnlyFans account. We'll provide personalised guidance on content creation, marketing, subscriber engagement, and monetisation techniques. Our goal is to help you increase your visibility, attract more subscribers, and maximize your earnings.

Is Glamstar Management only for established OnlyFans creators?
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No, Glamstar Management caters to both established content creators and individuals who are new to the OnlyFans platform. We understand that everyone's journey is unique, and our services are designed to meet the needs of creators at all levels of experience.

How much does it cost to use Glamstar Management?
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The cost of using Glamstar Management varies depending on your specific requirements and the level of support you need. We offer flexible packages tailored to meet different budgets and goals. To get detailed pricing information, we encourage you to reach out to our team and discuss your needs.

Will Glamstar Management have access to my OnlyFans account?
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Yes, as a management agency, we will require access to your OnlyFans account in order to provide our services effectively. However, we prioritize your privacy and security. Rest assured that your personal information and account details will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and stored securely.

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